Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Taking books home over Easter?

As you know, we usually renew your books for you automatically if they haven't been requested. However, over the Easter holidays things work a little differently.

  • Even though we will try to automatically renew your loans by Saturday 12 March, we may encounter some issues, such as another student requesting your book. Because of this, we’re asking you to please remember to check your library account through StarPlus, and renew any items due for return before going off home for the holidays.
  • Once your book has been renewed, you’ll be able to keep it over the holidays and - as long as no one else requests it - we’ll continue to renew it for you once term starts. If someone does make a request for a book that you have on loan, you will need to bring it back to us by Monday 11 April.
  • If you’ve made any requests for books that you no longer need over Easter, please remember to cancel them online.
  • So that we can get your requested books to you even faster, if anyone has a book that’s overdue they won’t be able to place a request.
Read online
  • If we don’t have a physical copy of the book you need, don’t worry, we also have a wide selection of e-books and other online resources available through StarPlus. Just log in to MUSE and read our ebooks from your desktop, wherever you are, 24/7.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the Library on 0114 222 7200 or email

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