Monday, 24 August 2015

Web of Science Usage Counts

Usage statistics are now available to University of Sheffield users for items in Web of Science, offering a new tool to help identify popular or hot-topic papers.  

Usage counts indicate:
  • The number of times a full text article has been accessed
  • The number of times the record has been exported to Endnote or other reference managers vis RIS
This can complement the citation counts already available in Web of Science.  Citations can take years to build up, so usage is a good way to indicate interest in a research publication, especially for recently published papers which have yet to be cited.

You can view total usage since 2013, or over the last 180 days.  There is also the option to sort search results by usage, to display the most-used papers first.

Usage stats are updated daily (so you won't see a 'live' update of any clicks you make whilst using Web of Science).  

In order to guard against gaming or systematic downloads, Web of Science will only record 3 actions per item per person, per session.  

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