Friday, 12 June 2015

Chemical Database Service

The National Chemical Database Service from the Royal Society of Chemistry offers academic institutions free access to a suite of commercial databases and resources.  

All University of Sheffield members are entitled to access these databases - just search for them in StarPlus

  • ACD/I-Lab an online tool which features predictions and databases of physicochemical properties and NMR spectral information
  • Available Chemicals Directory a database of commercially available chemicals that can be searched by structure
  • Chemicalize identifies chemical structures in webpages and other text. Features a structure based predictions and a substructure / similarity search interface
  • ChemSpider free chemical structure database providing access to over 28 million structures, properties and associated information from more than 400 data sources.
  • CrystalWorks crystallographic data from the CSD, ICSD and CrystMet
  • Cambridge Structural Database a collection of over 600,000 small-molecule organic and organometallic crystal structures that can be visualised and downloaded
  • DETHERM thermophysical database and containing data for 4,200,000 data sets, 129,500 mixtures and 38,850 pure compounds
  • ICSD Inorganic Crystal Structure Database
  • SPRESIweb structure and reaction database with a focus on organic chemistry
Find out more about the Chemical Database Service

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