Thursday, 4 June 2015

Expanded citation data in Scopus

Scopus now includes citations back to 1970 for material published before 1996.  This will help Scopus users to assess the long-term impact of research.  Researchers who published material prior to 1996 may also notice a positive effect on their h-index.

Information about the expanded citation data now available in Scopus
Information about the h-index in Scopus

As with all impact metrics, you should be aware that you will get a different result depending on the resource you use to calculate it.  For example, Web of Science may give a different h-index to Scopus, because each uses a different set of journals/books/conference papers as the basis of its citation data.
Information on calculating your h-index in Web of Science

The h-index is only one of many possible ways of measuring research impact, and by no means perfect.  Nature recently published an open access article outlining some guidance for those involved in evaluating research

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