Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nature introduce paper-sharing software

Macmillan publishers are introducing an new feature that will allow researchers to share articles published in many of their journals, including Nature.  

Using ReadCube software (part owned by MacMillan), researchers will be able to share links to journal papers for personal or non-commercial use.  The shared articles will be read-only (they can't be printed or saved).  Find out more in this Times Higher Education article or in this press release.

Whilst this may make it easier for academics to share research, some critics argue that the move dilutes true open-access due to the restrictions placed on printing and saving, and the fact that papers can only be shared by participating media outlets and researchers with a subscription (personal or institutional) to the journals in question.  

The paper-sharing initiative is a pilot, which Macmillan will review over the coming year.

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