Friday, 28 February 2014

Open Access made easy

We are delighted to announce that the link between myPublications and White Rose Research Online is live. White Rose Research Online is our institutional repository, and all students and staff are welcome to deposit your conference papers, posters, versions of your peer-reviewed articles, and any other research outputs.

Please watch our short video to see how simple it is to deposit your research in WRRO.
As ever, we are happy to provide more tailored information to departments, research centres, and research groups across the University, regardless of funding sources or levels. 
Please contact us at if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a meeting. If you would like more information on WRRO, please email

Monday, 24 February 2014

Survey on requested books & fines

We need your feedback!

As long as no-one has requested your books they will automatically be renewed up to the expiry date of your account.The Library will send you an email to let you know if any of your books cannot be renewed due to requests.

Unfortunately, not all requested books are returned on time and this can be of great inconvenience to our customers. We would therefore like your feedback on which ways would be most appropriate to ensure that requested items are returned:

A short survey can be found on the library web pages.

Alternatively, there is an opportunity for you to give your views in person. Lynn Sykes, Head of Customer Services, will be talking about the pros and cons of fining or blocking customers that do not return requested books on time in the Information Commons on Wednesday 26th February: 

Information Commons Level 1, Room 126 
Wednesday 26 February
12:00 - 13:00

Lynn will give a presentation lasing about 15 minutes and then there will be time for you to discuss the options and which you would prefer.

Friday, 14 February 2014

New Psychology journals

The following journals are now available via StarPlus

Journal of cerebral blood flow & metabolism (from 1981 onwards)
Social and personality psychology compass (from 2007 onwards)

To access, just type the journal name into the University Collections search box, click on 'View it' and follow the links.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Finding Full Text Links in Google Scholar

In addition to the Library's databases you may also be using Google Scholar to search for scholarly literature. You can use Google Scholar Library Links to find full text articles available through the University of Sheffield Library.

Finding full text

1 - Connect to Google Scholar (you can search for Google Scholar from the University Collections search in StarPlus
2 - Click 'Settings'
3 - Click 'Library Links'
4 - Search for 'Sheffield' in the search box ('Show library access links for...')
5 - Select 'University of Sheffield - findit@Sheffield'
6 - Click 'Save'

Find it @ Sheffield links will now appear in your search results.

If you are not sure which databases the Library subscribes to in your subject area, take a look at our subject guides.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Browzine Trial

The library is running a trial of BrowZine, a new tablet application (iOS & Android) that allows you to browse and read scholarly journals in a format optimised for your iPad or Android tablet.

To get started please follow these few short steps:
  • Download BrowZine by simply going to the app store on your iPad and searching for 'browzine'. It's a free download 
  • Next, find University of Sheffield in the list. 
  • You will be prompted to put in your University Username and Password 
  • Next, BrowZine will take a few moments to set up your library for initial use by synchronizing your holdings with our server. 
This trial will end on 1 March 2014

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The University of Sheffield Research Data Management Survey

The University is undertaking a survey of research data management practices within its research community.  If you undertake research in any faculty at the University of Sheffield, the 
Research Data Management Service Delivery Group would like to gather feedback on how you manage your research data.

For the purpose of this survey, research data refers to any type of data created, collected, or generated in a digital or non-digital form that is analysed to produce original research results.

The questionnaire is designed to:

  • Assist in the understanding the types of research data held by researchers
  • discover the influences and barriers to managing research data
  • establish what advice and support you require
  • identify current levels of research data management practice in faculties
We will use the information you provide to:
  • inform the RDM user requirements gathering
  • assess what research data we are seeking to manage
  • deliver tools, infrastructure, and policies to facilitate good research data management practice at The University of Sheffield
The survey should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and it can be completed anonymously. If you would like further information on research data management or would be willing to participate in a follow-up interview, then please enter your name and email address at the start of the survey.

This survey is conducted by the University Research Data Management Service Delivery Group, which is exploring issues around a research data management infrastructure (technical and human) to support the research data lifecycle, acknowledging and responding to different practices across subject disciplines.

Take the survey

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Keep track of your WRRO stats

Sheffield's shared open access repository White Rose Research Online (WRRO) has recently unveiled its new statistics page where you can find out all the latest download stats.
The repository has had a fantastic 2,048,419 downloads overall for the full-text articles it holds with the most downloaded research paper getting a whopping 32,289 alone. 

Here are the top downloaded research papers from Sheffield;
Clark, C.D.Evans, D.J.A.Khatwa, A.Bradwell, T.Jordan, C.J.Marsh, S.H.Mitchell, W.A. and Bateman, M.D. (2004) Map and GIS database of glacial landforms and features related to the last British Ice Sheet. Boreas, 33 (4). pp. 359-375. ISSN 0300-9483
Baxter, S. and Brumfitt, S.M. (2008) Professional differences in interprofessional working. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 22 (3). pp. 239-251. ISSN 1469-9567
Wang, J.B., Wang, W.Y., Jewell, G.W. and Howe, D. (2005) Design of a miniature permanent-magnet generator and energy storage system. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 52 (5). pp. 1383-1390. ISSN 0278-0046              

To find the stats you want simply use the 'filter items' option at the top of the page. From here you can find out exactly how many downloads each individual article, author or department has had for any given period. To look up a particular article all you need to search for is the EPrint id number which you can find at the end of every record's URL. 
We're developing the repository' statistic capabilities all the time so if there's further information that you think we should include just let us know. Contact us on 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Subject Guide - Company & Business Information

There is a new Library subject available that lists resources you can use to search for company and business information. Databases include Business Source Premier, Mintel, Nexis and FAME. 

You may need to find this type of information for coursework, or to help you if you are applying for jobs. Access to each database is available through StarPlus, University Collections search. 

Subject Guide for Company and Business Information

Information literacy is a core skill for employability, as well as academic study. To find out more take a look at our Information Literacy - Employability web pages.

SciFinder Structure Editor

With the latest SciFinder update, the Non-Java version of the CAS Structure Editor will be set
as the default. This should resolve issues some users have experienced with Java.  

More information on the latest update is available from the SciFinder website 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Scopus Upgrade

Scopus has been updated.  The new design features a streamlined, more intuitive search interface, a redesigned results page, and the option to export references to Mendeley. 

Visit the Scopus webpages for tutorials on searching using the new interface.

For keep up to date with forthcoming Scopus releases, visit their blog.