Friday, 11 October 2013

Sage Research Methods

Sage Research Methods is an online search tool for finding information about research methodologies, and is relevant to a range of disciplines including psychology and the health sciences.  It may be particularly helpful if you are in the process of designing, conducting or writing up a research project.  For example, use it to answer questions about your chosen research method. 
Use the Quick Search box (located in the top left of the page) to locate relevant information or use the Advanced Search option to construct precise search queries.  Search results will include: books, book chapters, dictionary and Encyclopaedia entries, videos and journal articles.   You can link to the full-text from the search results.  
There are also options for browsing the database as well as a Methods Map (located under the Methodologies drop-down menu), which is a visual search tool.  The Methods Map may be useful if you are not sure which research method to use.
Sage Research Methods is available now via StarPlus. Alternatively, follow this link  and click Connect to Sage Research Methods - you will be prompted to log into MUSE.

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