Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Meet the Team

There have been a few changes in the Library recently, so we thought we would introduce the new Science and Engineering Team:

Emily Stock
Emily is the Liaison Librarian for Engineering.  
She provides library support for Aerospace Engineering, Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering.
Find out more about the Engineering team or contact us

Oliver Allchin
Oliver is the Liaison Librarian for Science.
He provides library support for Animal & Plant Science, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics & Statistics, and Psychology.
Find out more about the Science team or contact us

Helen Moore
Helen is the Faculty Librarian for Science and Engineering
We also welcome new Liaison Assistants Caterina Sciamanna, who will be working with Emily, and Alison Barnett, who will be working with Oliver.  

If you're not a science or engineering student, you can find the Librarian for your subject here!

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