Thursday, 20 December 2012

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science

The Library has recently invested in two new collections of eBooks for Engineering

The Morgan and Claypool Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science contains over 400 electronic books on a wide range of engineering subjects, such as artificial intelligence, tissue engineering and signal processing to name but a few.

You can browse the titles available, and access them electronically by searching for "morgan & claypool" in the library catalogue, StarPlus.

(A full list of titles included in the collections can be found here and here - you'll need to enter the titles into StarPlus to access the full text )

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Maths and Programming Resources for Engineers

The Library has loads of resources to help you with mathematics and programming skills.

We have several copies of K.A.Stroud's series of engineering mathematics books (remember to check StarPlus for other editions):

Foundation Mathematics
K.A. Stroud

Engineering Mathematics
6th edition

Advanced Engineering Mathematics
5th edition

The library also has plenty of books on using programmes such as MATLAB - check the catalogue for more

Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists
Hahn and Valentine

Project Euler is a free online resource aimed at improving users' mathematical and computer programming skills.  The site offers maths/programming problems of varying difficulty -  by solving one problem you learn a new concept that allows you to undertake a previously inaccessible problem. 

Remember, if you need help finding resources to help with your studies,just ask a member or library staff or contact us

Christmas Vacation Loans

It's nearly Christmas!

If you are going away for the Christmas holidays, remember to renew your library books before you go.
Books issued now will not be due back until mid January. 

See the Library Web Pages for full details

If you're staying in Sheffield, the Information Commons will be open over the vacation.  
Check here for details of opening times at other Library sites.

Royal Society of Chemistry to operate EPSRC National Chemical Database Service from 2013-2017

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) will be operating the EPSRC National Chemical Database Service from 2013-2017, having won a competitive tender against other bids. The RSC have issued a statement about the proposed new service.

Follow the RSC on Twitter (@cds_rsc) for the latest developments.

Closure of Daresbury Chemical Database Service

The EPSRC is not providing funding to run the Daresbury Chemical Database Service after December 2012 and the service is now scheduled to be terminated on 2 January 2013. 

Daresbury advise that the new Royal Society of Chemistry service is likely to be significantly different from the present service and some databases currently available from Daresbury will no longer be available. Full details of the Royal Society of Chemistry service are not yet available. Please see CDS News - Future UK Chemical Database provision for the latest information. Updates will also be posted on the CDS homepage and on Twitter (@cds_daresbury).