Thursday, 15 March 2012

In a spin

Last night, Dr Tim Richardson gave a talk on things that rotate which I wish I could have gone to.

As I’m not an expert on the science of rotation, I've found some videos to keep you amused as the weekend approaches...

These fighting spinning tops are pretty impressive to watch (they start about 1 minute in).

As one of the comments says, Unbubblieveable!

Here’s one especially for you structural engineers: The Rotating Tower.

The Guinness World Record for the fastest spin on ice by Natalia Kanounnikova.

Cool Science Demo” of the ice skating spin.

Why didn’t I have one of these?

Talking of rotation, don’t forget you’ve only got a few more days left to check out the National Fairground Archive (NFA) exhibition at St Georges Library this week. You can also visit the NFA, or check out their image database.

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