Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ebooks...the lowdown the fact that you can read them in bed any time of day and at the same time as your course mates but not sure about what you can and can't do with them?

The library buys access to ebooks from different suppliers and they all work slightly differently (just to make it extra confusing!). The provider is clear once you access an ebook .

The most common question we get asked is 'Can I download library ebooks to my Kindle/ebook reader?'. In short the answer is no I'm afraid. I could bore you with the licensing details but I won't!

Here is a handy guide to the main suppliers for Science and Engineering:


You can read the book online and print up to 5% of the book (this limit is per user per ebook).

You can also download Dawsonera ebooks onto a memory stick or the local drive of your computer (not onto mobile devices) which makes a pdf version available for 24 hours. You cannot print or copy from this but you can annotate and highlight using Adobe Reader.


You can generally download or print 10 pages of a MyiLibrary ebook, although this may differ slightly as the publisher sets the limits.

The MyiLibrary software works best if you use the chapter navigation on the left-hand side to navigate the book.


You cannot download from NetLibrary ebooks, but you can print a percentage of the book. This percentage is again set by the publishers so will vary book to book, if you click on the print button within a book it will tell you how many pages you're allowed for that book.

If you're using a Mac to view NetLibrary ebooks, you will need to install a PDF Browser plug-in which can be found in the help section.

Taylor and Francis archive:

With these ebooks, you can save or print one chapter, or 5% of the book, whichever is greater.


No printing is allowed from these ebooks, sorry!


Information about all ebook providers is available here.

You can access all our ebooks via Star or our new catalogue StarPlus.

If you happen to have any problems with ebooks then please get in touch on 0114 2227200 or email, otherwise,  Happy reading!


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