Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cue the Physics

The mystery of motion is never more apparent to me than when watching some snooker...just how do they make those balls move to exactly where they want them??

I've found out a little bit about cue ball movement from

  • The cue ball's movement is determined by its forward rotation (spin) on impact.

  • With no spin on impact (a stun shot), it will deflect 90 degrees in the opposite direction to the object ball.

  • Forward spin (follow) and backward spin (draw) on the cue ball affects the amount of deviation from 90 degrees. So, more follow means a sharper curve upwards, and more draw, a sharper curve downwards.

  • It is also affected by the angle at which the cue ball hits the object ball; thicker contact means that the follow and draw have a bigger effect, both on position and speed.

This video shows an impressive curve of the cue ball when shooting with follow.

An impressive 28 second spin can be seen 1 minute and 3 seconds into this video.

And you just HAVE to check this out!

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