Monday, 12 March 2012

Alan Turing Centenary Year

Not heard of Alan Turing? It seems that many of us haven’t when we really should have. All you mathematicians out there may understand the work of Alan Turing without any help. For the rest of us, help is required! Derek Marriott gave this help in his talk at Sheffield Hallam on Friday, but what can you do if you missed it?


The Channel 4 documentary which enlightened more of us is unfortunately not available on 4oD but more information is here which shows why Stephen Hawking has rated Turing’s work as some of the most important in Human History. Hopefully the film will be available soon.

There are various books on Alan Turing in the Library including ‘The man who knew too much: Alan Turing and the invention of the computer’ by David Leavitt at the IC.

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