Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fun Summer Reads

FeynmanIt might not actually look like summer today but I'm holding on to the hope that there'll be another couple of days of sun before hitting the Winter warmers. So before welcoming everyone back I thought I'd share a review of this new Feynman comic biography, in case you were looking for a good read on a last minute holiday.
Feynman is primarily concerned with its subject's life -- his personal relationships, his career triumphs, his mistakes and misgivings. From his work on the Trinity project to the Feynman lectures to his Nobel for his theory of Quantum Electrodynamics, Feynman paints a picture of a caring, driven, intelligent, wildly creative scientist who didn't always think through his actions and sometimes made himself pretty miserable as a result. But the Feynman in this book is resilient and upbeat, and figures out how to bounce back from the worst of life [read more - Boing Boing].

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