Wednesday, 10 November 2010

SciVerse Hub

SciVerse HubSciVerse Hub was launched back in August 2010 targetting researchers looking for more discovery and less searching.

It enables users to search across a range of Elsevier products from a single index of content. Results integrate full text articles, abstracts and citations as well as external web resources from ScienceDirect, Scopus, Scirus and SciTopics. That's over 2,500 journals, including pre 1995 digitised material, 11,000 books and an infinite amount of carefully selected webpages.

Small icons indicate where results are sourced from and provide links to full texts, further information or individual websites.

External Abstract Full Text

Remember that 'abstract' icons indicate results from Scopus, some of which may also be available in full via the University Library. Click on the title of the paper for further information and select  Find It to search the Library's catalogue.

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