Sunday, 21 March 2010

Top Scan

As part of 2010’s National Science and Engineering Week the University Library in collaboration with the National Fairground Archive are celebrating the engineering feats of roller coasters and theme park rides. The following abstract is part of a mini-series on the history of going upside-down, compiled by Ian Trowell of the National Fairground Archive.

Top Scan

Top Scan (2000)

The first 'million pound' ride caused a huge queue on the M1 as drivers stopped to look at it during a night-time test run in Derbyshire. Considered the most progressive and aggressive thrill on the fairground, the Top Scan launches and twists its riders in every direction. This ride emerged at the end of the quest to start sending the 'spin and spew' rides from the 1980s into an upside down orbit. The question remains... what next?

That concludes our walk through the history of fairground rides to celebrate National Science and Engineering Week. If you are interested in learning more about roller coaster engineering stop by the National Fairground Archive at Western Bank Library where the staff are happy to help.

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