Wednesday, 11 November 2009

100 Useful Search Engines

Struggling to get what you want from the average search engine? Well have recently published a list of 100 search engines to help out you scientists. Included in the list are the ten most popular, reputable, and reliable science search engines on the web, as well as subject specific databases for astronomy, biology, earth science, mathematics, physics, weather and chemistry.
Students of the past spent most of their academic time in the library, pouring over encyclopedias, and sifting through pages of data. It’s easy to get lost in a text-heavy reference book, amidst numbers and figures; this is especially true for science majors, whose art and skill revolves around specific numbers and very precise information. Fortunately for today’s scientist, much of the information that was once found only inside the walls of a library is now available online. These awesome science search engines will help you find what exactly what you’re looking for, as well as remind you how much fun research can really be.

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