Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Competition Reminder

For the last two months we have been running a competition to win an iPod Touch! If you are interested in entering have a look at Fancy Winning an iPod Touch?. The competition is due to end on November 30th, so you've a little less than a week to get your name added.

All the feedback we have received regarding the use of QR Codes will be considered when deciding how to move forward - whether we decide to make further use of them or whether we decide that they add little value to the ways in which we provide access to resources.

Thank-you for all the comments so far and good luck!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Western Bank Redevelopment - Continued

During week beginning 16 November the scaffolding in the Catalogue Hall will be removed and work will begin on laying new flooring and installing the new counter. In order for the work to be done as quickly as possible we are closing the Catalogue Hall and the Architecture collection from Saturday 21 November for up to two weeks.

To find out how we aim to maintain our full range of services please refer to the Western Bank Redevelopment pages for further details. If you've any questions email or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest happenings

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Information Skills Resource

Information Literacy

9-13 November 2009 is information literacy week.

How do you know that?
How do you know it is right?
How are you going to use that information?
Will you act ethically?

How highly would you rank your information literacy skills?

Did you know that students who can demonstrate the skills of information literacy not only perform better academically but also have better career prospects? Many students learn these skills from the University of Sheffield Library’s online tutorials.

Be an information literate graduate by learning how to:

  • Define a search question;

  • Search for information;

  • Evaluate information;

  • Synthesise information;

  • Cite and reference information.

Visit the tutorials at:

100 Useful Search Engines

Struggling to get what you want from the average search engine? Well have recently published a list of 100 search engines to help out you scientists. Included in the list are the ten most popular, reputable, and reliable science search engines on the web, as well as subject specific databases for astronomy, biology, earth science, mathematics, physics, weather and chemistry.
Students of the past spent most of their academic time in the library, pouring over encyclopedias, and sifting through pages of data. It’s easy to get lost in a text-heavy reference book, amidst numbers and figures; this is especially true for science majors, whose art and skill revolves around specific numbers and very precise information. Fortunately for today’s scientist, much of the information that was once found only inside the walls of a library is now available online. These awesome science search engines will help you find what exactly what you’re looking for, as well as remind you how much fun research can really be.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Happy Chemistry Week

This year it's all about food and tomorrow (Wednesday November 11th) Professor Joe Harrity will be giving a public lecture on organic foodstuffs or organic chemicals: a consumers perspective.
The word 'organic' has become a word that we hear, almost everyday, in the news. It means different things to different people which can lead to confusion. This lecture will connect the structure, chemistry and effects on the body of a selection of organic molecules found in the kitchen cupboard and lurking in the medicine cabinet.

If you're interested in attending get down to Theatre 1 in the Chemistry Department, Dainton Building for 7pm. No tickets are necessary and all are welcome to attend.