Friday, 4 September 2009

Western Bank Redevelopment - Update

If you've been into the Western Bank Library recently you'll probably be wondering what the hell is going on? Well, we're redeveloping of course. All the details of what's happening can be found on the redevelopment pages on the library website, but basically the improvements being made are listed under these seven areas:

Entrance level

This area will become more welcoming with better controlled temperature. It will have:

  • a new ceiling;

  • a redesigned porters lodge;

  • a redesigned entrance and new ramp to the lift for people with mobility difficulties;

  • new glazing.

In addition, the drinks machines will be relocated and the water fountain will be moved to corridor.

Mezzanine level

This area will become an attractive and dynamic space for exhibitions and social interaction with:

  • an exhibition area;

  • a new ceiling;

  • a new reception desk;

  • new flooring;

  • a platform lift to ease access to Stack 4 for customers with mobility difficulties;

  • new glazing.

Catalogue Hall

A complete refurbishment will recreate the original atmosphere of this exceptional space. It will have:

  • a replacement counter;

  • a refurbished ‘business unit’ containing photocopiers, the value loader, and printers;

  • a research lounge area with casual seating and access to current newspapers;

  • a new ceiling and lighting.

Reading room

New glazing, replacement curtains and perimeter heating will make this a much more pleasant area to work.

Stack 4

Additional study spaces, group study rooms and research study space will revitalise this floor and a new ceiling will make the area look much better

Stack 3

Additional study spaces will make this floor more convenient to use as more heavily used material moves into this space.


The lift will be replaced and will come into general use for vertical transport for all users of the building. This will transform use for customers and staff alike.

Its been noisey, dusty, cold, dark but when finished it'll be worth it! The contract began on 10 July 2009 and finishes in January 2010, there'll be disruptions during October but hopefully we'll be all set for completion before semester one exams.

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