Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Why Science is Important

2009 seems to be a big year for science with the Darwin celebrations continuing and the release of the Feynman lecture videos but moreso because it's getting lots of media attention focusing on science being fun. Recently Richard Dawkins joined in with the criticisms being made about the new primary science curriculum due to its failure to 'mention the theory of evolution, the value of the scientific method, and the need to understand science to engage in public debate'. Shocking, given that these could be the very topics that get kids interested in science and with the wealth of resources targeting young people it's not difficult to introduce complex ideas to them (my favourite being the Wallace and Gromit Cracking Ideas shed).

Alom Shaha is another one of those triumphing the need to 'convey to [kids] that science is important, that it’s something worth doing for reasons beyond the need to pass exams' so much so that he began an initiative to delve into the many reasons why science is important. So, if you're also interested in 'Why Science is Important' have a look at the first part of Alom's project below:

Also see Why is Science Important?, Alom Shaha's project blog.

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