Monday, 13 July 2009

Stuck for something to do?

Maybe you fancy a trip to the British Library? The next event in the library's Talk Science series is a discussion with John Wilbanks (executive director of the Science Commons and Vice President of the Creative Commons initiative).

Scientific Findings in a digital world: What is the genuine article? will be an opportunity to 'consider a range of issues including':

  • In an age of digital content and communication, does the notion of the scientific ‘article’ remain relevant?

  • Is the 300-year-old approach to structuring findings – from abstract to references – still valid in the era of the multi-media research object?

  • How should new types of content such as video protocols and embedded datasets be peer-reviewed, and does it matter?

  • Will opening access to the outputs of scientific research really improve innovation?

  • Does more access to research data and information necessarily mean we are better informed?

  • When it comes to communicating research findings, what are the fundamental building blocks and what is the wallpaper?

So if you think you'd like to join in book a place for £5. It's being held on Wednesday 22 July 2009 from 18.00 - 20.30, at the British Library (in London). There's also a discussion forum you can participate in prior to the event.

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