Friday, 31 July 2009

British Standards Online

Just a quick reminder that during 'late September' (not Spring) the British Standards Institute is rolling out a new interface for the British Standards Online (BSOL) database. It is expected to enhance your experience of the service by making it less confusing, making the distinction between the BSI shop and BSOL more clear. The main problem people seem to have had in the past is not clicking through the BSOL subscribers link but hopefully with the new interface this will be resolved.

To help users get to grips with the new version the BSI are offering a number of demos, online training (remember to email the BSI to sign up) and top tips. As the walkthroughs are still being worked on these are not currently available but keep a watch on the BSI group website for more information. The demos will include a number of recorded overviews of the new BSOL, showing users specific features in detail. BSOL support will also be provided through updated Help Guides.

As usual if you need any help with this get in touch and I promise to at least try and work it out for you, but remember it's new to me too.

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