Monday, 18 May 2009

ChemSpider and the RSC

Looking for structure-based chemical information? Heard of ChemSpider? No?

Well, ChemSpider is a chemical search engine used to aggregate and index chemical structures and their associated information. It is a single searchable repository made freely available to its users (that means you) which pulls together chemical structure information from both open access and for-profit databases.

According to the company's technical notes 'ChemSpider is not intended to be just a portal to a structure searchable database' but rather a place to find answers, solve problems and create solutions. In providing access to 'almost 21.5 million unique chemical entities sourced from over 200 different data sources' it's a pretty good starting point if you're looking for inherent properties, identifiers, references or supplementary information you may be able to access in full via the library.

Last week the Royal Society of Chemistry annouced its acquisition of ChemSpider to reflect its 'commitment to providing access to rich resources of chemistry data and information'. If you're interested in reading more, see the RSC press release but otherwise, happy searching.

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