Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Summer Check List

Before you leave for the summer have a look at our check list for a quick reminder about what you need to do and where you can access information:

  • Get your library accounts up-to-date - Why not pay off your debts (remember final year students will not be allowed to graduate with outstanding debts), return all the books you won't be needing and cancel any outstanding reservations (give your fellow students a chance of getting what they need too);

  • You don't want to incur any fines do you? - Check all your books have been renewed and that you KNOW YOUR PIN to access your account online - Longer vacation loans begin at 9am on Monday 8 June for standard loans and Thursday 11 June for short loans;

  • Ring the renewals hotline on 0114 222 7201 if you're unable to access the Internet;

  • Practice your information skills with our online tutorials and screencasts;

  • Read about our redevelopment plans to get an idea about the work being undertaken in Western Bank Library to improve your working environment;

  • Follow our Twitter feed to be kept in the loop about what's going on whilst you're away;

  • And remember - we're always here to help! Contact the library if you're having any problems accessing information or alternatively get in touch with either Carmen or myself for subject specific help.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Calling Final Year Students

Please remember to keep your Library account up-to-date.

All Library material must be returned, and any outstanding fines paid, by the end of service hours on Saturday 13 June 2009. In accordance with the University's debt management policy, you will not be eligible to attend a degree congregation or receive your degree certificate if you have outstanding debts.

If you have any queries about your Library account please ask staff at a Library site or email for help.

Monday, 18 May 2009

ChemSpider and the RSC

Looking for structure-based chemical information? Heard of ChemSpider? No?

Well, ChemSpider is a chemical search engine used to aggregate and index chemical structures and their associated information. It is a single searchable repository made freely available to its users (that means you) which pulls together chemical structure information from both open access and for-profit databases.

According to the company's technical notes 'ChemSpider is not intended to be just a portal to a structure searchable database' but rather a place to find answers, solve problems and create solutions. In providing access to 'almost 21.5 million unique chemical entities sourced from over 200 different data sources' it's a pretty good starting point if you're looking for inherent properties, identifiers, references or supplementary information you may be able to access in full via the library.

Last week the Royal Society of Chemistry annouced its acquisition of ChemSpider to reflect its 'commitment to providing access to rich resources of chemistry data and information'. If you're interested in reading more, see the RSC press release but otherwise, happy searching.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Colliding Particles

The Large Hadron Collider (or LHC), built by CERN is the world's largest particle accelerator built to help scientists answer key unresolved questions in particle physics.

One of the numerous teams of physicists involved in the LHC research are documenting their work 'at the frontiers of particle physics' through a series of videos 'exploring the human stories behind the research and investigating the workings of the scientific process itself'.

Volume 4: Problems is the latest episode which includes 'a look at some of the theoretical work behind the 'Eurostar' paper' (see episode one for an introduction to the Eurostar project), an exploration of 'the mathematics behind the behaviour of fundamental particles' and an 'update on the incident which is holding up work at the LHC'.

Previous episodes can be found both via the Colliding Particles website or Youtube and there is also some useful teaching material and further reading for those interested.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Palgrave Macmillan Journals

During May we have free access to Palgrave Macmillan journals. Although content generally falls into faculties outside Science and Engineering I thought it worth pointing out the three titles listed under Bioscience Business:

There is a feedback form if fancy leaving us any comments.