Friday, 24 April 2009

Web of Knowledge Update

The Web of Knowledge and its integrated tools are continually enhanced so that you are always searching, analysing and using your results as efficiently as possible.

Newly available this week:

Endnote web is fully integrated with ResearcherID, so you can build, manage and share your ResearcherID publication lists with colleagues.

New look, new tools for author promotion and collaboration:

The latest enhancements to ResearcherID boost online collaboration and help you build a more robust profile.

Enhanced collaboration:

  • Integration with Endnote web allows you to build, manage and share your ResearcherID publication lists with your colleagues.

  • To more clearly identify a collaborator by verifying affiliation, use the address field when searching Web of Science/Knowledge from ResearcherID.

More organisation:

  • Manage your work with publication lists; two additional publication lists have been added for all users.

  • A new tool will show you which articles have already been added to your publication list when you're searching Web of Science/Knowledge.

Increased flexibility:

  • Over 30 more reference types are supported for import through the RIS file upload feature.

  • Link out to full text articles or materials hosted on other sites; up to 3 URLs can be added per publciation in an author's profile.


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