Friday, 3 April 2009

ScienceDirect News

ScienceDirect (Elsevier's web delivery system for scientific, technical and medical information) have recently launched their redesigned ScienceDirect Info site to realign the service with the needs of its users. Its aim is to give us an introduction to the product itself, its contents, buying options (you can ignore this bit though as you'll all have access via MUSE) and the policies that govern usage (select content from the left-hand-side navigation slide). It features useful tutorials, tips and tools that support access and help you to learn more about searching, customisation and the latest trends.

The key changes on the website include:

  • The removal of the left-hand navigation on the homepage makes navigation clearer;

  • The horizontal navigation, which has been sorted into the four key user-focused entries to the site: "Content", "Using", "Buying" and "Implementation", provides a clear starting point for users;

  • The user-focused entries are replicated in boxes on the homepage that contain quick links to the most-used information in the lower level details pages. This allows you to get to the information you want in one click rather than three or more;

  • The use of drop-down boxes and quick links on the lower-level detail pages also makes finding information quicker. You no longer need to scroll down to find information and you can see at a glance what is available in each area of the website;

  • An easy-to-use feedback mechanism has been installed to gather thoughts and improve the site according to your needs;

  • There is now a news feed on the homepage from the revamped News & Updates page, which includes an easy-to-view archive;

  • The Online Books Locator, a new searchable database, allows you to search for Online Books titles and build your collection for submission to ScienceDirect. The database also lets you create a wish list for the library.

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