Thursday, 2 April 2009

Doc Brown on the Elements

Martyn Poliakoff by Brady HaranWell, it's not quite Doc Brown (or Einstein for that matter) but rather Professor Martyn Poliakoff - the modern Mad Scientist (crazy glasses and all) - fronting the YouTube hit channel The Periodic Table of Element (an off-shot of the award-winning Test Tube Project, also produced by Brady Haran).

Created by a team of chemists, at the University of Nottingham, the channel hosts the first comprehensive set of videos documenting the chemistry of the elements. Each element is introduced, in turn, by Poliakoff who describes its properties and uses before a cut is made to a demonstration performed by the project's team - Pete Licence, Stephen Liddle and Debbie Kays. Having debuted in July 08 the short clips (usually no longer than five minutes) have already received over 5.5 million hits, gathered various awards, attracted much media interest and won praise from Nobel Laureates Roald Hoffmann and Sir Harry Kroto, chemistry professors, and the general public alike.

Go take a look and let us know what you think in the comments or for more information see:

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