Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Be Amazing with Mental Floss

Mental Floss magazine wants you to Be Amazing and to be amazing all you have to do is stand on the shoulders of geniuses and then bask in the glow of admiring fans:
What good are the world's greatest geniuses if you can't muddy their shoulder pads and use their accomplishments as a step stool? mental_floss has combed through every success story in history to deliver this ultimate how-to guide for climbing your way to greatness. Whether you want to glow in the dark, swallow a sword, quit smoking, find Atlantis, live forever, get out of jury duty, buy the Moon, sink a battleship, stop global warming, become a ninja, or simply be the center of the universe, Be Amazing covers all the essential life skills. Just absorb a few pages, then let the hero worship begin! (Amazon)

One of the chapters even includes a step-by-step guide on How to Destroy Civilization with Nanotechnology. So I thought I'd link you to the promotional video made with cutting-edge motion capture technology for a bit more inspiration during National Science and Engineering Week:

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