Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Science Commons

Established in 2005 the Science Commons is a Creative Commons project group with the aim 'to speed the translation of data into discovery and thereby the value of research'. By identifying the unecessary barriers of scientific research such as firewalls, commercial and institutional intellectual property rights and the handing over of copyright to established journals (essentially crippling scientific information exchange communities) the SC negotiate agreements to lower these restrictions, thus making information easier to find and use:
We work on agreements between funders and grant recipients, between universities and researchers and between funders and universities — all in the service of opening up scientific knowledge, tools and data for reuse. We also promote the use of CC licensing in scientific publishing, on the belief that scientific papers need to be available to everyone in the world, not simply available to those with enough resources to afford subscription fees (source).

For further information about the individual projects being worked on see:

One final point: Articles are not published on the Science Commons pages so don't expect to find literature there. Instead see The Directory of Open Access Journals as journals with the SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) seal of approval adopt the Creative Commons licensing method.

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