Thursday, 26 February 2009

Find It @ Sheffield

Find it @ Sheffield is the new electronic resource discovery platform currently linking users to content spanning over 22,000 journals, including both subscription-based and open access. Essentially the system works by obtaining metadata from a centralised knowledge base to keep content current and resource access up-to-date without the need for extensive manual updates.

For the library one of the main advantages of using such a system is finding that we have access to much more content than previously thought of. Since its implementation access to ejournal content has significantly increased due to open access links we wouldn't have known about without the Ex Libris knowledge base the software runs from.

The new interface on the library webpages offers users multiple access points allowing journals to be searched and browsed through keywords, A-Z listings, subject headings, vendors and even DOIs and PMIDs. New sophisticated functionability also includes predictive typing and 'starts with'/'contains' buttons to limit searching and gather results much quicker than the legacy system.


Other than the obvious (the new search interface) the big change and arguably one of the most useful that individual users will notice is its power linking with third party databases such as Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Knowledge etc. Find It links will gradually be appearing over the next phase of the project next to articles in the search results to link users directly to the paper, a great time and effort saving capability:


If you need any help in accessing journals in this new way don't hesitate to contact library staff as the legacy A-Z tables and subject groupings will disappear come the summer to make way for further development and customisation of the Find It system. Access to all e-content remains via MUSE both on and off campus.

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