Friday, 9 January 2009


The Nature Publishing Group has launched a new online educational resource called Scitable. Aimed at undergraduate biology students and educators the platform combines scientific information with social functionality to provide users with an authoritative resource in the Google-isation of education. So far Scitable boasts over 150 evidence based articles in the field of genetics, which includes:

  • chromosomes and cytogenetics;

  • evolutionary genetics;

  • gene expression and regulation;

  • gene inheritance and transmission;

  • genes and disease;

  • genetics and society;

  • genomics;

  • nucleic acid structure and function;

  • population and quantitative genetics.

Each overview has been vetted by the Nature Publishing Group with reference to primary scentific literature and best of all it doesn't cost a penny to use.

By registering with Scitable you can build a 'personal portfolio' (or profile) to store bookmarks and join in the discussion, creating groups or classrooms to host topics. There is also the opportunity to practice your networking skills by communicating directly with other users around the world. And finally with the option to contribute material and collaborate with peers there couldn't be a better way to develop fundamental research in the public domain.

For more visit Scitable on:

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