Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy Macworld Week

Today kicks off Macworld 2009, IDG's annual Apple trade show and conference platform, but without Steve Jobs and any future participation from Apple (after 24 years) concern for the conference and expo's future has overtaken the fruitful announcement rumour mill. This year Apple's keynote is to be delivered by Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Philip Schiller rather than Steve Jobs (whose keynotes have ran for the last ten years) and with calls for silent protests both annoucements have clearly angered fans. Apple's decision to pull out of future expos has come about due to the forum not providing value for money in terms of reaching its customers. With 3.5 million store visits a week trade shows are no longer a major platform to promote new products or make annoucements and in scaling back its presence at other trade shows the news is not necessarily surprising, just disappointing especially for the Jobs fanclub.

But... the show must go on and thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet there'll be numerous ways of keeping up-to-date with event activities. For starters check out:

Update - And to put a stop to the health rumours Jobs has released a statement describing the cause of his weight loss.

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