Friday, 23 January 2009

CAS and Scifinder

Scifinder Scholar is the University's electronic access to the CAS databases, a division of the American Chemical Society. Since the release of their new web-based server, it is now much easier to access information remotely and keep up-to-date with current activities. Scifinder online provides its users with a searchable index of over 9500 journals and patent references in the fields of Chemistry, Biomedical Science, Engineering Materials and Life Sciences, as well as more than 26 million substance records and CAS Registry Numbers.

The aim of the group of scientists behind the Scifinder Scholar platform was to create a digital information environment for scientific research and academic discovery. And its success is proven with it being the most widely adopted research tool of its kind, found in universities throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America.

One of the new developments on Sicfinder is the media library, providing users with scientific video podcasts that have so far explored plant compounds and health benefits, the production process of ethanol and the science behind nanocars to name but a few. For those with iPhones, CAS are also urging you to visit from your phone for a 'very personal immersive media viewing experience'. I tried it out...

Picture courtesy of myself:

CAS on the iPhone

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